Healed from stage 4 cancer

Shirley Williams was given 90 days to live, her cancer was untreatable.  It has metastasized into her breasts, bones, organs and lymph nodes. Shirley’s husband Martin, became worried.  What is he going to do if Shirley died?  What about the kids? Where would he be?  Martin took encouragement from bible scriptures and talked to Shirley.  He spoke life in her and convinced her to believe in the report of the Lord.  He quoted scriptures like, “we shall live and not die”,  “no weapon formed against us shall prosper”, “by His stripes, we are healed”.   The pain worsened but the couple decided to live in faith and not in fear.   Shirley studied the bible and she never found any case where-in anyone who came to jesus who did not get heal.  She began to see that faith is not only believing that Jesus is able to heal but he will heal.  One night, Shirley woke up from a deep sleep and saw Jesus at the foot of her bed.  She saw in Him a compassion, love, hope.  Then she began to feel sweat behind her right knee and it was so unusual, she said to the Lord,

Lord, are you telling me to sweat?

Three days after, Shirley had a confirmation of treatment from her oncologist and that was the start of her healing process…

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