Years of back pain healed

Mark, 38, was walking outside a big store when John and Pat, Christians for eight months, approached him and asked to pray for him.  Mark was reluctant saying that he’s got shattered back and he’s been in faith healing and all of that did nothing to him.  But John insisted to pray for him, and Mark agreed.  Believing that John’s prayer did not work, Mark wanted to leave immediately after the prayer, but John, prayed for Mark once more before letting him leave.  John felt a heat on his hand while praying for Mark. After a little while, Mark came back asking what John had done to him.  he was so happy that he danced, walked and tried reaching for his toes.  He got healed from shattered back and pain torturing him for years.  He cried so much for the healing power of Jesus and got saved that day.  Watch how Mark was transformed from being skeptic to a believer in Jesus, crying in tears of joy.




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