Justin Beiber accepted Jesus

People look up to stars as if they are immune to brokeness because they have attained sucess in the form of fame, fortune, power and influence.  What people don not realize is that, brokeness is related to something which is lacking in someone’s life that fame, fortune, power and influence cannot give, like true love, healing, and truth which only Jesus can fill.  These stars lives were transformed by God, by accepting Jesus as their personal Lord ans Savior.

I don’t know if I’d be alive for sure.  It was dark. So, I’m very very grateful to have influences in my life that have played huge part in me seeing their relationship with Jesus and their relationship with their wives , and their relationship with their kids, and saying that’s what I want and striving after that…I don’t wanna force anyone to believe what I believe.  God persuades people but I want to definitely tell my story so that if that resonates to anybody that they can hopefully learn from it.

-Justin Beiber

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