Jesus gave her a sign that He is the Messaih

This Jewish lady wanted to be sure if Jesus was truly the Messaih. She wanted to be honest with her God. Is Jesus truly the Messaih?  She does not want to make a mistake because she wanted to honor God enough.  One afternoon she was driving home with her three kids in her car and she was so immersed with wanting to know if Jesus was really the Messaih.  She came into her house, went into her bedroom, closed the door of her bedroom, got into her knees and prayed…

Jesus, if you are really the Messaih, reveal yourself to me right now, I need a sign.”

Then a very dim light rose from the bottom floor and up and as that light rose, so did every burden of her shoulder rose with it.  It was an amazing experience.  From then on for six weeks she was elated and joyful inside.  She came outside and saw the trees for the first time, that there was truly a creator.  Now she knows for a certainty where she’s going.  She know that He has a house prepared for her.  It is said in the scripture that love casts out all fears and the love of Yeshua  is so great that it casted out all fears.  She feels totally accepted even in her inadequasies with the Lord, she feels totally accepted because of Yeshua’s love and His forgiveness and he teaches us what forgiveness is really all about.

Watch the full testimony…

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