Everyday Self Check


Today, God put into my heart the word “self check “.  It’s a big word because we often forget a lot of things we need to keep in our heart about the word of God.  He has given us a manual guide in everyday living to remain victorious in all our battles. Self check is necessary to know what we need to battle against, where satan is attacking us, so that we would know what to do and how to handle it, according to the scriptures.

This is the strategy He spoke to me. 

Identifying our negative feelings, emotions or sins that are tormenting us

What we feel is an indicator of our battle.  Do we feel fearful ? Do we feel worried ? Do we feel stressed ? Sad ? Lonely ? Hopeless ? Victimized ? or ashamed because we were convicted of our sins by the Holy Spirit, etc. etc.

We need to list it all down until we are settled that we never left anything out.


Once we have identified all the negative emotions, feelings or sins that we are currently struggling, the next thing to do is to acknowledge it, and repent to God for anything that we have done to contribute to it.

Surrender it all to God in prayer and petition

Take your concerns to Him in prayer and claim the victory in faith.

Seal your prayer with Gods promises

Remember to seal your prayers with scriptures backing it up with God’s promises. Read the scriptures related to your battle until you find peace.

Let us pray…

Father, in the name of Jesus, I feel worried about the current situation I am in (tell God your concern).  I am so sorry for believing in Satan’s lies and report and I repent for not trusting that You are bigger that my problems.  I repent for acting like an unbeliever and for not consulting your Word about it. Lord, I lift you up all my concerns and I Trust that you will give me peace that surpasses all understanding.  Your ways are not my ways and you are not a man that you should lie.  You have been in all timelines of my past and future and you know all my needs.  Help me not worry about vain things and help me to align myself into your Words.  Let your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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